Kris Jenner does not want Caitlyn Jenner back, despite a report published on Tuesday. Gossip Cop can correct this completely inaccurate story.

RadarOnline is blaring in a headline, "Plot Twist: Kris Jenner Wants Caitlyn Back!" According to the webloid, Kris is on the "prowl" for a "new boy toy now that Corey Gamble is getting eased out of the picture." But while she looks for a new sexual partner, she's supposedly "fallen back in with her ex," Caitlyn, romantically.

A so-called "insider" contends to the site that Kris "isn't sexually attracted to her," but her mental attraction to Caitlyn has allegedly returned. "Kris is the kind of woman who needs constant attention and validation. Caitlyn, even when she was Bruce, was a very reliable source of that," maintains the outlet's supposed source.

Now, alleges the publication, the exes have "rekindle[d] their broken relationship." The purported tipster even claims, "Since Corey's on the outs, Caitlyn's found herself receiving a lot more lunch invitations to Kris' home. She even lets Cait raid her wardrobe!"

But this article couldn't be more wrong. First off, Kris and Gamble are not "on the outs." Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline's Jenner-Gamble split story back in March, and they just stepped out together earlier this month. Second, Kris has definitely not been inviting Caitlyn to lunch or letting her raid her wardrobe.

On the contrary, the two aren't even on speaking terms right now. Caitlyn herself confirmed that as recently as last week. So, the former spouses aren't talking to one another, but readers are supposed to believe Kris wants to get back together and they're already on the road to "rekind[ling]" a relationship? Yeah, right. A reputable source with whom Gossip Cop spoke was also incredulous, saying, "Are they serious? That's hilarious."

It can, in fact, be amusing when RadarOnline gets a story so incredibly wrong. But there's little funny when fake news like this tops Google search results. See screengrab below.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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