Kris Jenner NOT Trying To Have Kylie Date Drake, Despite Report

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Kylie Jenner date Drake

By Michael Lewittes |

Kris Jenner is not trying to have her daughter Kylie date Drake, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this concocted claim. We’re told it’s “nuts.”

HollywoodLife alleges Kris “thinks Drake is the guy for Kylie.” The site contends the family matriarch feels the “drama” between Kylie and Tyga is a “waste of time,” and so she’d like her youngest child to go out with Drake. Kris “wants to see [Kylie] happy,” says the outlet’s so-called “insider,” adding that she thinks “Kylie should give Drake a chance.” The webloid’s same dubious source is further quoted as noting that Kylie is “not opposed” to a date with the singer.

Interestingly, the site’s seemingly made-up source offers no explanation as to why Drake in particular is the man Kris would like Kylie to date. Instead, the outlet spews obvious statements, including about a mom wanting to see her daughter “happy” and not wasting time with a man who’s full of “drama.” Basically, it appears HollywoodLies, as it is known, was once again aiming for traffic over the truth.

A skeptic might think HollywoodLife has no qualms publishing fake news stories. It certainly has posted a slew of untrue articles about the young reality star, including a series in 2015 that Gossip Cop debunked about Kylie being pregnant. Undeniably, those stories and many more about Kylie joining “The View,” for example, were flat-out fabrications. Still, Gossip Cop, fact-checked the webloid’s report about Kylie potentially dating Drake, and a source close to Kris exclusively assures us the claim is “nuts.”

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