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Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, along with oldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian, have been hit with a harassment lawsuit from a former bodyguard. None of the other Kardashians or Jenners have been named. The suit includes allegations of several kinds of discrimination and harassment, and although Jenner's denied the claims, they're pretty serious. Here's what we know.

Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian Named As Co-Defendants

The Blast broke the news first, reporting that one of the Kardashians' ex-bodyguards filed a suit against Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian for a "pattern of unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances and otherwise harassing misconduct." The filing also includes allegations of a hostile work environment on top of racial and gender discrimination. The publication wisely chose not to name the individual that filed the suit, but it did report that the man identified himself as African American.

The bodyguard originally started working with the Kardashians in May 2017 through a private security company, and he served on security detail for Jenner and Kourtney. Jenner, along with his original security company, served as his bosses throughout his work with the family. It was during his time as a bodyguard that he says he was subjected to both inappropriate comments and contact from Jenner.

The filing, as obtained by The Blast, lists the accusations: “[Comments] directed at Plaintiff of an overt sexual nature, comments directed at Plaintiff's physical appearance, comments inquiring as to Plaintiff's sexual activities, comments suggesting that Plaintiff engage in a romantic and sexual relationship, and comments concerning the physical appearance and sexual activities of other employees."

Additionally, it specifically mentions an issue of Jenner resting her hands on his thighs and groin, rubbing her pelvis against his back, touching his rear with her hands, and exposing parts of her body to him in a "lewd or suggestive manner." From there, according to the suit, the guard told Jenner to stop and brought the issue to his original company's human resources to no avail. Afterward, the man says he faced retaliation for his report and claims he was the victim of fabricated complaints and a suspension from working with Jenner, though he continued to work with Kourtney.

Racial discrimination is another big part of the suit, with the filing saying that the man was subjected to "pervasive and cruel mockery, harassment, belittling, and otherwise humiliating mistreatment by defendants due to (his) race," and that he was ultimately "wrongfully terminated, in part, due to discrimination by defendants based upon race."

As such, the suits claims, the situation came to an end when he was fired in September 2018, although he filed a claim with the Department Of Fair Employment and Housing shortly afterward. The serious charges just keep coming, with the filing arguing that the Jenner-Kardashian organization tried to harass and intimidate the former bodyguard into not bringing the incident to court.

Kourtney Kardashian And Kris Jenner Responded

The Blast also received a statement from Jenner's lawyer, which strongly rejects the claims of the suit and threatens legal action against the former guard."Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian vehemently deny the absurd claims as completely fabricated and false fiction without a scrap of truth to them," the statement read, adding,

Kris categorically denies ever behaving inappropriately toward [the plaintiff]. The security guard worked outside the house and he never even went into Kris’s house. Furthermore, Kris had very little interaction with him. After the guard was repeatedly caught sleeping in his car while on the job, the security company was asked not to assign him to work there in the future.

"Significantly, the guard never made any complaints to his employer about Kris until contriving this ludicrous claim. Although Kourtney is named in the suit, she is not accused of doing anything improper with the guard, nor did she do so. It is outrageous that anyone can sue anyone in America and believe there is no recourse when pursuing fictional and meritless claims. When Kris and Kourtney defeat this ridiculous, frivolous lawsuit they intend to immediately sue McWilliams and his attorneys for malicious prosecution," it concluded.

Gossip Cop will continue to monitor the situation and will provide any updates that emerge.


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