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Kris Jenner does not "force" Kardashian boyfriends to sign "100-page" non-disclosure agreements despite a report. Gossip Cop has learned the claim is doubly wrong: Not only are the alleged "documents" not 100 pages long, but we're told they don't even exist.

"KEEPING MUM: Kris Jenner 'forces Kardashian boyfriends to sign 100-PAGE document promising to never speak badly about daughters before they've even been on a date,'" reads a headline from The Sun. According to the tabloid, the famous "momager" has a "watertight contract" that prohibits anyone who wants to date the Kardashian-Jenners from speaking negatively about them. "It's essentially a non-disclosure agreement, usually around 100 pages long," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying.

Continues this untraceable source, "Basically they can't sell stories on the relationship or speak badly about them in public." It's further alleged the NDAs establish copyrights over "any pics or videos taken during the relationship," and are "also accompanied by a handwritten letter from Kris letting you know she will turn to the family's team of lawyers should break the agreement [sic]."

"It goes without saying that if they break it, the Kardashians, E! and every company associated with them will blacklist you for life," maintains the alleged tipster, who claims Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble, often delivers the purported "documents" to the would-be suitors. And how do Jenner's famous daughters supposedly feel about this? "The girls know the deal... They can't date anyone who hasn't signed it," asserts the unidentifiable snitch. The anonymous "insider" goes on, "The men have to sign before the first date. They do warn any potential dates — saying 'sorry it's just the way it is.'"

It is true that those who appear on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" have to sign authorization forms allowing footage of them to be featured on the show. That's why sometimes the episodes includes blurred faces: E! and the producers did not get signed authorization from those people. There was even confusion in 2014 when Andre Leon Talley was blurred out of Kim's wedding episode, despite signing what he said was a "big release" form.

But never has anything been reported about such forms being 100 pages long. And in regards to this alleged boyfriend agreement, the paper tries to substantiate its narrative by contending that "over the years Kris has managed to prevent the likes of Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries and Tyga from bad-mouthing" the Kardashian-Jenner family. That's actually not accurate.

In 2013, Kris Humphries dissed the Kardashians and their reality show during his appearance on "The Mindy Project." While convincing one of the characters to return to work, he advised, "You don't want to be like me, sitting at home, alone, Saturday nights, watching trashy reality TV shows. I'm not going to name which ones. Trust me, you're better off over there." And in 2015, Humphries took a swipe at the family when Bruce Jenner came out as transgender (before her transition to Caitlyn). "Man, I'm glad I got out when I did. #Gottadoyou," he tweeted, though he later clarified that his hashtag was meant as support for the former Olympian.

Meanwhile, also in 2015, when Odom denied trying to ambush Khloe, he went off on the family, and more recently, Kim slammed Odom after he seemed to diss Khloe on a BET show. And in June, Odom confirmed that his upcoming book will address his marriage to Khloe. Kylie's ex Tyga was even caught seemingly shading Kim a few months ago. Theoretically, had the men signed these NDAs as alleged, they would've been forbidden from doing all of this. So how come Jenner and her clan hasn't taken legal action against them?

It seems only time the Kardashians have acknowledged an NDA is last year, when they suggested Blac Chyna was violating a legal agreement by speaking out against Rob Kardashian. In that instance, ABC News obtained a confidentiality agreement that Chyna had signed, in which she agreed not to "disclose, publicly or privately, any information which is in any way, fashion or manner related to, associated with or connected to the Kardashian family/Jenner family/Disick family/West family and/or their personal relationships, their business activities, plans, operations, finances or employees." Images of the document showed its length was four pages, 96 less than what The Sun is alleging.

And when it comes to NDAs specifically for boyfriends, and even those who have yet to go on a date with Kardashian-Jenners, a spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the publication's claims are "false," and that "no NDAs" are used at all. Perhaps that's why there has never been a legal dust-up over one, like there was with Chyna just over a year ago.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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