Kris Jenner “Warning” Kanye West About “Spoiling” Baby Saint?

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Kris Jenner Kanye West Spoiling Saint

By Shari Weiss |

Kris Jenner Kanye West Spoiling Saint

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Kris Jenner is not “warning” Kanye West about the supposed dangers of “spoiling” baby Saint, despite a silly report accusing her of being a “meddling mom-in-law.” Gossip Cop can bust the stupid story.

According to RadarOnline, Jenner “raised a brood of overindulged children, and now the controlling momager has decided she absolutely knows what’s best for her grandson, Saint West, too!” The site claims, “Jenner is criticizing Kanye West over his fathering skills, and she’s gone as far as warning daughter Kim Kardashian that five-month-old Saint is quickly becoming a spoiled brat.”

“Kris can see it coming a mile away [since] Kanye treats Saint like he’s some kind of son of God,” a so-called “family insider” is quoted as saying. “Kris has warned Kim that she’ll have problems with both Saint and his sister North if Kanye doesn’t stop showing the boy such preferential treatment.”

The supposed source goes on, “The problem is that Kanye let Kim and Kris take the lead when North was born and next thing he knows the poor kid’s on the ‘KUWTK’ payroll. He doesn’t want this to Saint so he’s being super protective of him, but it’s coming across as favoritism.” The alleged tipster even adds, “Kris might have a point about spoiling the kid, but it’s bizarre considering how she raised her own fame-hungry and greedy kids.”

No, what’s bizarre is RadarOnline pretending to have accurate information about West, Kardashian, and Jenner after hundreds (really!) of false stories based on misinformed (or made-up) “family insiders.” Saint, who is not even 6 months old yet and obviously can’t talk or even walk, is not turning into a “spoiled brat.” And Gossip Cop is further told that West and Jenner are not having issue with parenting styles.

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Kris Jenner is warning Kanye West about spoiling his baby, Saint.


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