Are Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner hooking up?! That's what a certain tabloid wants readers to believe, but it's coming after a contradictory made-up report about the exes. Now Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal this salacious tale is a work of fiction, too.

The allegation can be found in the new issue of Star, under the headline, "Kris & Caitlyn Shocker! Their Secret, Sexy Hookup!" Apparently it's so "secret," not even the former spouses know about it. But the tabloid outrageously contends, "In the wake of their nasty split two years ago, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner became sworn enemies. But now sources say the exes have kissed and made up, literally!" In fact, the gossip magazine boldly claims, "Kris is secretly sleeping with the world's most famous transgender woman!"

"It happened one night at Kris' place, when she and Caitlyn started drinking and reminiscing about old times. There was a lot to talk about, but then Kris made the first move and turned it romantic," a so-called "insider" alleges to the outlet, which suggests the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch was looking for a way to "de-stress." Asserts the supposed source, "Kris is feeling lonely, and it seems she's always dealing with one problem or another with her kids. It's only natural that she would turn to Caitlyn."

Actually, it's not "natural" at all. Kris hasn't spoken to Caitlyn in months, despite the publication's contention that they've "been growing closer." The tabloid goes on to purport that Kris downplayed the supposed rendezvous to daughter Kendall Jenner, who was allegedly surprised to "find out Caitlyn had spent the night at her mom's." Adds the magazine's snitch, "[It's] only a matter of time before she, and everyone else, finds out what really happened!"

Well, everyone can find out right now: Nothing happened. As Caitlyn herself said just days ago, she hasn't even spoken with Kris since her controversial memoir came out. That was in April. And since Star apparently has a problem with telling time, Gossip Cop must point out that the Jenners didn't split two years ago. They actually announced their separation in October 2013, which is nearly four years ago. The magazine has a problem with consistency as well.

Only three weeks ago, the outlet ran an absurd story claiming Kris is copying Caitlyn's clothing style to "embarrass" and "annoy" her former husband. But now the two have rekindled a love affair? It's actually laughable, and a rep for Caitlyn even tells Gossip Cop this hookup story is "hilarious." We look forward to the follow-up story: "Kris Pregnant At 61 With Caitlyn's Baby!"

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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