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Kris Jenner was "caught getting flirty" with Scott Disick, according to a new report. Gossip Cop can confirm, however, that this story was largely made up.

As recently reported, Jenner and Disick are working on a reality show pilot together about house-flipping. Now RadarOnline is claiming their relationship is not strictly professional nor limited to a pseudo-mother and son-in-law dynamic. According to the webloid, "the pair has crazy chemistry, and are flirting up a storm!"

"When they're together he's very touchy-feely, and she's been busted sending him sexy texts when she can't sleep at night," a so-called "spy" claims to the site. How would a "spy" know Jenner has been "busted sending sexy texts" to Disick? What, is this person reading over their shoulders?

The outlet's supposed "spy" goes on to assert, "Everyone knows Scott's a kinky dude, and Kris would think nothing of jumping into bed with him." Um, what?! Jenner would have no problem sleeping with the father of her grandchildren and the longtime boyfriend of her daughter? Whatever you think of the momager, that seems beyond over the top.

Jenner and Disick can each be flirtatious. "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has even documented the self-proclaimed "Lord" being "touchy-feely" with various members of the famous family. That's probably why RadarOnline expects readers will believe this salacious tale. But in addition to the concerns Gossip Cop raised above, there's further reason this scandalous story actually shouldn't be believed.

For starters, last summer the online publication ran a sketchy and untrue report about Disick having sex with Kourtney Kardashian's sisters. A few months later, the webloid falsely claimed Kardashian was pregnant and expecting her fourth child with Disick. The site even wrongly asserted again in January that Kardashian was "pregnant with baby #4."

And the outlet hasn't been inaccurate and sensational with only Disick, but Jenner, too. Earlier this year, RadarOnline was mistaken when it maintained Jenner and Corey Gamble had split. Time has shown they're still together, just as it's shown Kardashian was not pregnant with Disick's baby. More recently, the bogus blog ridiculously insisted just two weeks ago that Jenner wanted to get back together with ex-husband Caitlyn. Funny how that's not mentioned in this new piece about "jumping into bed" with Disick.

It's actually rather obvious just why this Disick-Jenner story suddenly came about. Hours before it was posted, TMZ reported the pair was still working on their reality project, despite Disick being on the outs with the rest of the family in the wake of his hookups with multiple women in Cannes over the last week and a half. It would seem RadarOnline took that kernel of truth and used it to spin a story about Jenner and Disick being "flirty" behind the scenes of the show.

Otherwise, it's awfully coincidental that the webloid would suddenly have this purported scoop on the very same day, given that their reality show team-up was first reported nearly a month ago. Given all these red flags, from the eyebrow-raising quotes and timing of the claims to the site's poor track record, Gossip Cop was hardly surprised when a contact complained to us that the unscrupulous publication is "just making sh*t up again."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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