Kris Jenner Drunk-Dials Plastic Surgeons?

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Kris Jenner Drunk Dials Plastic Surgeons

By Shari Weiss |

Kris Jenner Drunk Dials Plastic Surgeons

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Is Kris Jenner drunk-dialing plastic surgeons?! On Wednesday, that bizarre claim was printed in one of the tabloids. Find out the truth about the crazy story here.

“When most people drunk-dial, they call an ex. But when you’re Kris Jenner, inebriated phone behavior is an entirely different ballgame,” Life & Style writes in its new issue. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Kris will get drunk, sit in front of a mirror, pore over her every flaw and then start calling up the plastic surgeons she knows.”

The suppose source goes on, “Then she’ll try to book an appointment — even if it’s 11 p.m.!” Cruelly, the magazine’s tipster then goes on to speak poorly of Jenner’s appearance, likening her to a “wax figure.” The snitch adds, “Even her grandkids are shocked!”

Gossip Cop suspects this story came about for two reasons. First off, Jenner’s penchant for plastic surgery has been well-documented, though there’s no evidence she’s recently gone under the knife. Second, an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” broadcast earlier this month featured the momager wildly drunk and partaking in an inane phone conversation.

It seems like Life & Style just saw fit to link the two facts together with a fictional bridge. Perhaps most tellingly, the piece is headlined with the same exact “LOL!” that was used for a similarly ridiculous report about North West in last week’s issue. In any case, while Gossip Cop is told that Jenner may do a drunk-dial from time to time, just like many people, it’s certainly not plastic surgeons whom she’s calling.


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