Kris Jenner is not telling people she's "disappointed" that it didn't work out between Harry Styles and her daughter Kendall Jenner, despite a fabricated report. Gossip Cop is told the claim is simply fake news. Mocking the made-up story, an insider says, "Who did Kris tell that to?"

According to the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife, Kris has begun blabbing that she's "disappointed" Kendall never got serious with the One Direction singer, especially "now that Harry's reportedly dating Tess Ward." The repeatedly discredited site reiterates that Kris "can't help but feel disappointed" in light of how the chef has "supposedly swept him off his feet." To attempt to add credence to its fake news story, the outlet has a so-called "source" quoted as saying, Kris feels "Kendall threw in the towel too quickly and that if she had persevered, she and Harry would still be an item."

As if we're supposed to believe any of this, the often disproven outlet has its highly suspect "source" explain the whole drama and backstory. The supposed "source" allegedly says, "Kris is disappointed that Harry is now off the market and dating Tess," adding how she would prefer Kendall be "with an A-list celeb like Harry, than A$AP [Rocky] who is now embroiled in baby mama rumors." In addition to conveniently using names rather than pronouns, and laying out the pros for Styles and cons for A$AP Rocky, the almost assuredly phony "source" continues that Kris "would be thrilled if Kendall was linked to Harry. A new album, a movie, a great reputation, gorgeous, he has it all."

Allow Gossip Cop to dissect this fake news story. Logically, why would Kris suddenly go around bemoaning that it didn't work out with Styles, especially since her daughter is currently dating A$AP Rocky and has been linked to a number of other men over the years. Of course, the real reason is HollywoodLies, as it's become known, is simply seizing on the newsworthiness of Styles, who has a new album and the movie Dunkirk coming out.

Additionally, the site exposes how it doesn't know anything by writing, "Now that Harry's reportedly dating Tess Ward" and how she's "supposedly swept him off his feet." It's interesting that when it comes to Styles, HollywoodLies couches its information with words like "reportedly" and "supposedly" but with Kris they 100 percent know she's "disappointed" and is telling everyone. Please excuse our incredulity.

Then there's the webloid's track record with making up stories about Kris. Just a few weeks ago, Gossip Cop nailed the blog when it falsely claimed Kris was trying to get Kylie to date Drake, who was similarly in the news with new music. Or how about when HollywoodLies said Kris was expecting a proposal from Corey Gamble on her 60th birthday back in 2015? Has enough time passed to prove that was yet another lie? Or how about that fabricated article Gossip Cop busted last year by that same site which untruthfully alleged Styles was going to appear on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"?

That now brings us to the present. Gossip Cop reached out to several insiders and not one of them has recently heard Kris say anything about being "disappointed" that things didn't work out between Styles and Kendall. One even joked, "Who did Kris tell that to?" The answer is no one, especially not HollywoodLife.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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