Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble Relationship Came To An End?

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Kris Jenner Corey Gamble

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Kris Jenner Corey Gamble

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Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble’s relationship didn’t come to an end, despite a report from exactly one year ago today that asserted they were “calling it quits.” Gossip Cop said the claim was untrue then, and it remains false to this day. A full year later, Gamble and Jenner are still together.

According to an In Touch article on October 23, 2017, Jenner and Gamble were splitting up. To add credence to its narrative the tabloid quoted a supposed “source” who swore up and down 12 months ago that Jenner was “done” with her and Gamble’s romance, which was reportedly marked by “trouble” and them “fighting nonstop.” The magazine’s same untraceable tipster maintained Jenner’s kids also felt the family matriarch should “lose Corey and move on.”

As Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, the outlet glaringly neglected to offer examples about what they fought over or proof that Jenner was “done” with Gamble. The tabloid simply made blanket statements, but had nothing to back up its claims. More significantly, its assertion that Jenner was “calling it quits” and the romance was coming to an end never happened.

Actually, during the intervening year since the magazine published its original article, Gamble was at by Jenner’s side at the Met Gala and could often been seen with the momager at charity and fashion events around the world. Over the summer, Jenner and Gamble even took a romantic Mediterranean vacation together in the South of France. Far from being “done,” they were and remain very much together. In fact, just a few days ago, Jenner and Gamble went on a double date with Babyface and his wife Nicole to Nobu Malibu.

In direct contrast to the tabloid’s premise, there recently were rumors about Jenner and Gamble being engaged when she appeared on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” while wearing a large ring. But Gamble and Jenner are not walking down the aisle anytime soon. And while they’ve been together since 2014, a month ago Jenner revealed that getting married again isn’t something she needs to do, having already been divorced twice.

Gossip Cop sometimes looks back at stories to show our readers there’s a big difference between what the tabloids report and what’s actually accurate. It generally becomes abundantly clear over time whether an article’s claims were true or false. In this case, we said In Touch was 100 percent wrong a year ago when it contended Jenner and Gamble were splitting up, and once again we’ve been proven right.


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