Kris Jenner Booed Introducing Culture Club At iHeart ’80s Concert – WATCH VIDEO

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Kris Jenner Booed iHeart

By Michael Lewittes |


Kris Jenner was booed for a full minute straight while introducing Culture Club at the iHeart80s party in Los Angeles on Saturday night. See the video below.

From the second Jenner, dressed in a black suit and match hat, started her introduction of the gender-bending 80s group, the crowd launched into loud boos and catcalls, making it difficult to hear the reality star. To her credit, despite the hostile reception by the audience, Jenner continued to talk about how she was inspired by Culture Club and Boy George, who she met last summer in France and later invited to her 60th birthday. At two points, while Jenner was being booed, you can hear someone over a loudspeaker trying to implore the crowd to stop jeering. Only when Jenner ended her introduction by saying, “Give it up for iHeart and the Culture Club,” does the audience stop booing to cheer for the band’s performance.

With the exception of Jenner being booed, the first-ever iHeart80s Party, which featured music from some of the most popular performers of that decade, was a positive experience. In addition to Culture Club, the other acts included Billy Idol, Rick Springfield, Tears for Fear, and Loverboy.

Check out the video below of Kris Jenner being booed for her entire introduction of Culture Club at the iHeart80s Party on Saturday at the Forum in Los Angeles.


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