Kris Jenner Did NOT Have “Affair” With O.J. Simpson, Despite Report

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Kris Jenner Affair OJ Simpson

By Shari Weiss |

Kris Jenner Affair OJ Simpson


Kris Jenner did not have an “affair” with O.J. Simpson, despite a new tabloid cover story that was timed to hit newsstands just one day after the premiere of the FX miniseries, “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.” Gossip Cop can correct the report.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Jenner and her late husband Robert Kardashian were close friends with Simpson and his wife Nicole Brown. In fact, the Jenner-Kardashian family is even depicted in the new TV show. But now Star is using the series to dredge up old, inaccurate rumors about Jenner and Simpson.

The new cover blares, “What You Won’t See On ‘American Crime Story,'” and promises to have details about their “shocking affair,” and how the imprisoned Simpson is “Khloe’s real father.” In the accompanying story, the magazine writes, “Kris has long been suspected of having a torrid affair with Simpson” in the 1970s, and that “insiders also claim that Kris and O.J. had another fling while she was married to Robert Kardashian — that ‘The Juice’ may even be the father” of Khloe.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. And there seems to be a lot of smoke where Kris and O.J. are concerned,” one so-called “source” is quoted as saying, as if that statement actually means something. But despite the cover’s claim that the outlet has “proof” to back up its allegations, the story doesn’t actually provide any hard evidence of a secret romance.

Instead there’s just more empty “source” quotes, such as, “Even though they were the best of friends, Robert could never shake the thought that O.J. and Kris had gotten too close for comfort. It’s quite the tangled web!” And that web becomes even messier when Star regurgitates previously debunked speculation about Simpson being Khloe’s biological father. But again, the tabloid has nothing to back it up.

Kris, however, has openly described Simpson as being like a “big brother” to her, and has point-blank said over the years that there was never any “affair.” This piece is nothing more than a sensational attempt to capitalize on the new television show. In fact, even the Star cover line “Caught In Bed Together!” is a lie. In the actual story, the magazine is actually talking about Jenner being “caught” with her future husband Robert, not Simpson.

Talk about misleading! It was no wonder, then, when a Kardashian-Jenner insider Gossip Cop spoke to was totally flabbergasted and disgusting by the outrageous cover story. “Absolutely, positively, 100 percent” not true, we’re exclusively told of the allegations. We’d say ‘case closed,’ but Gossip Cop fully expects the gossip rags to keep floating the unproven rumors throughout the “American Crime Story” 10-episode run.


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