Kourtney Kardashian “Creeped Out” Sofia Richie Is “Stealing Look” Is Made-Up Story

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Kourtney Kardashian Sofia Richie Stealing Look

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Kourtney Kardashian Sofia Richie Stealing Look

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A story claiming Kourtney Kardashian is “creeped out” that Sofia Richie is “stealing her look” was made-up. It is part of a pattern of manufactured tall tales that keep pitting the women against each other. Gossip Cop can bust this latest one.

For months, HollywoodLife has been peddling what amounts to a conspiracy theory: Richie is “transforming” into Kardashian in order to keep boyfriend Scott Disick interested in her. The site’s primary evidence, if you can even call it out that, is the model dyeing her hair dark brown and getting extensions. However, the blog repeatedly fails to acknowledge that Richie had long, dark brown hair years ago, long before her romance with Disick began.

Most recently, on Sunday, the outlet suggested Richie was trying to “troll” Kardashian by wearing a turtleneck, which the website insisted was one of the reality star’s “favorite outfits.” Of course, HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, had nothing to support its contentions that such a style was Kardashian’s “favorite” and that Richie purposefully donned one to needle her beau’s ex-girlfriend. Nevertheless, it only took the online publication a few hours to seemingly fabricate Kardashian’s purported reaction.

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying the “KUWTK” star is “definitely more than a little creeped out by how Sofia appears to be stealing her look,” which she supposedly thinks is the result of the teen being “young and impressionable.” What’s more, though, is the site asserts Kardashian believes “Scott could be behind Sofia’s drastic transformation.” The alleged insider goes on to claim she thinks Richie is “probably being controlled, or at the very least, manipulated, by Scott.” How so, exactly? Tellingly, the blog never says.

It’s also curious that no reputable outlet has reported anything about Kardashian being “creeped out” by Richie. On the contrary, People noted last month that while the age difference in the Richie-Scott relationship initially bothered Kardashian, she’s come to realize her ex is “doing so much better” with the 19-year-old in his life. It makes little sense, then, that she would have a “source” close to her bash the couple to the website known as HollywoodLies.

Gossip Cop understands that the gossip media thrives on love triangles, and it’s been reported that Disick is “jealous” of Kardashian’s relationship with Younes Bendjima. But HollywoodLies appears to be sensationalizing a Kardashian-Richie feud that doesn’t actually exist and is entirely unsupported.