Kourtney Kardashian Did NOT “Warn” Sofia Richie To “Stay Away From My Children,” Despite Report

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Kourtney Kardashian Sofia Richie

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Kourtney Kardashian Sofia Richie

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Kourtney Kardashian did not “warn” Sofia Richie to “stay away” from her children, despite a new report. This is yet another made-up, untrue story pitting the women against each other. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

On Sunday, Richie and boyfriend Scott Disick were seen out with two of the children he shares with Kardashian, son Mason and daughter Penelope. Now on Tuesday, HollywoodLife is claiming Kardashian wants to “put a stop” to Richie spending time with her kids. A so-called “source close to the Kardashians” alleges the reality star believes the Richie is “not a good role model” and “does not like the influence Sofia has over the kids.”

The site’s supposed snitch, who unnaturally repeats everyone’s first name in every sentence, suspiciously switches from “Kourtney” to “Kourt” to allege, “Kourt has reached out to Sofia personally and told her to back off from spending so much time with them.” This purported tipster goes on to contend that “Kourtney is furious that Sofia is playing stepmom with Scott and the kids,” and expresses concern that the young children will “learn harmful ways” Richie. Significantly, it’s not said what “harmful ways” she could be teaching the kids, nor is the contention that she isn’t a “good role model” supported.

It’s further claimed Kardashian doesn’t want her sons and daughter “getting attached to someone that Kourtney feels will not be around or a part of their lives for very long.” That leads the website to opine, “If you ask us, people should wait at least several months before introducing children to a significant other.” Of course, if the blog was really knowledgeable, it would know Disick and Richie were first linked nearly a year ago while in Cannes and began seeing each other regularly last fall. It’s already been “at least several months.”

Additonally, last month People reported that while Kardashian isn’t fond of the age difference in Disick and Richie’s relationship, it’s precisely because the romance has lasted that “Kourtney allowed her to meet the kids.” It doesn’t make sense to now contradictorily allege the “KUWTK” star is telling Richie to “stay away.” It’s also bizarre that this supposed “warning” is coming almost two months after Richie first went out in public with Disick’s kids in late January.

In fact, as Gossip Cop pointed out then, the online publication actually used that outing to make-up a tall tale about how his children “loved meeting” her. As seen in our archives, there were a number of holes in that narrative, and as is typical of a purported “exclusive” from the site known as HollywoodLies, there are indications here that this latest article is similarly made-up and inaccurate. On top of that, Gossip Cop is assured by a Kardashian confidante, who commented on background, that she isn’t having anyone genuinely “close” to her bad-mouth the woman dating the father of her kids. This drama is purely fictional.