Kourtney Kardashian “Skipped” Armenia Trip Due To “Epic Fight” With Sister Kim?

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Kourtney Kim Kardashian Armenia Trip

By Shari Weiss |

Kourtney Kim Kardashian Armenia Trip

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RadarOnline loves creating trouble when there is none. With Kim and Khloe Kardashian in the Middle East, the webloid claims there is a “secret reason” Kourtney Kardashian “skipped” the trip, namely that she had an “epic fight” with Kim. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively correct the story. A rep tells us the allegation is simply “nonsense.”

According to a so-called RadarOnline “source,” Kim is “impossible to take,” and Kourtney is “tired of all the drama and tantrums.” “Kourtney knew that any trip with her would have meant dealing with whatever Kim wanted and doing whatever Kim wanted,” alleges the tipster, who even claims, “Kourtney jokes that there wasn’t enough room on the plane for her and Kim’s ego, so she had to stay home.”

“Everyone always knew and accepted that Kim was the star of the family. But now that she is with Kanye, she’s become a total diva and wants the world to revolve around her 24/7,” the alleged “source” tells RadarOnline, further claiming that Kourtney is “angry” by Kim’s supposed involvement in her relationship with Scott Disick and her take on brother Rob’s situation.

But what was the “epic fight” about? When did it take place? RadarOnline seems to have no idea, and that’s because it never happened. And Kourtney explained on Instagram days ago that she opted not to make the trip because she didn’t want to travel with three young children, including a 4-month-old baby. The post also included love for both Khloe AND Kim. But RadarOnline just decided to disregard the truth, take an innocuous situation, and try turning it into something salacious.

That tactic, however, has failed. A rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the webloid’s tale is not only “nonsense,” but also a “fake story.”

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Kourtney Kardashian skipped the Armenia trip because she had a fight with Kim Kardashian.


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