Kourtney Kardashian did NOT "shade" Scott Disick with a necklace, despite an utterly ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the inane story.

HollywoodLife states in an absurd headline, "Kourtney Kardashian Telling 'Off' Scott Disick For Partying? See Her Savage Shade." It says in the accompanying story, "That's quite an interesting piece of jewelry you got there, Kourtney Kardashian! The reality star went out to dinner with friends on Feb. 6, wearing a necklace that tellingly said just one word: 'OFF.' Could she be sending a subtle message to her ex, Scott Disick, after his recent partying in Miami!?"

Gossip Cop isn't sure what's so "telling" about a necklace that says "off." There is no inherent connection to Disick whatsoever, despite the webloid observing Kardashian wore it "just days after Scott was photographed cozying up to multiple women during a party-filled trip to Miami." It's great the site can tell time (sometimes we wonder), but this is a leap of epic proportions.

The bad blog even asks its readers, "Do you think Kourt's necklace is a message to Scott? If not, what do you think it means?" Well, Gossip Cop would have to say it means Kardashian just liked that particular accessory with her outfit. There is literally nothing to back up the notion that the word "off" is a "message to Scott."

And what if it was a "on" necklace? Gossip Cop suspects HollywoodLies would've tried to sensationally, but weakly, connect that to Disick, too. After all, the outlet is responsible for quite a few past doozies, like making up a story falsely claiming Kardashian had picked the baby name "Jeffrey Robert" when she actually named her son Reign Aston. Perhaps the bad blog should focus more on facts instead of trying to peddle baseless, manufactured stories. Now THAT'S "savage shade."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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