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A story about fans believing Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with baby No. 4 is pure clickbait. The tabloid that posted the article online seems to know she's not actually expecting, but still saw fit to fuel the untrue rumor. Gossip Cop can explain what's shamefully going on.

"Fans Think Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant With Baby No. 4 After Spying a Stroller in Her Instagram Story," reads the headline of a post on Life & Style's website. The article begins with the magazine asking, "Is Kourtney Kardashian pregnant with baby No. 4?!" According to the outlet, "That's what some fans are saying" after Kardashian uploaded an Instagram story "showing something suspicious... a stroller!" Noting that the "KUWTK' already has three kids, the outlet wonders, "Is she adidng [sic] another to the brood?"

Rather than directly telling fans whether or not Kardashian is expecting again, readers are instead told to "watch the video above to find out." The clip repeats the speculation that the reality star is pregnant and shows a screengrab of the stroller in question, before featuring recent bikini photos of Kardashian from Instagram. The caption on screen states, "Yeah, we don't see a baby bump." The publication goes on to point out that since three of Kardashian's sisters have babies, having a stroller around "isn't that wild."

In other words, the tabloid crafted an article that leads readers to believe Kardashian may be pregnant with her fourth child, but fans have to watch a video in order to find out that she's not really expecting. The magazine seemingly buried the truth in order to score clicks and increase its traffic. That's not how journalism is supposed to work. And what makes this even worse is that Life & Style has a history of wrongly claiming the mom of three is expanding her family with a fourth kid, dating back to 2015.

Just to give two examples from the last year and half alone, in February of 2017, the outlet claimed Kardashian was pregnant with Younes Bendjima's baby, even though she was "still in love" with Scott Disick, the father of her children. At the time, Gossip Cop was told by a source, who was not at liberty to speak on the record, that the pregnancy allegation was "wrong." Time proved our reporting was correct. Kardashian was not pregnant with Bendjima's baby.

Then in October of 2017, after it was revealed Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were having kids, the publication maintained Kardashian was "pregnant, too." It was even ridiculously said that, with sister Kim set to welcome a baby via surrogate, Kardashian "felt left out" and was "thrilled to learn she's also expecting." Gossip Cop explained then that the false contentions were only concocted to piggyback off the Kardashian-Jenner baby boom, and we predicted that time would show our debunking was right. Sure enough, just a few weeks later, Kardashian addressed pregnancy rumors on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and confirmed she was not pregnant again.

At no point has Life & Style issued an apology or retraction for these wrong pregnancy reports, or any of the ones that came before them. It's shameful the tabloid is once again misleading readers with clickbait.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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