Koine Iwasaki “So You Think You Can Dance” Video – Watch Top 4 Finale Performances!

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Koine Iwasaki SYTYCD Finale

By Shari Weiss |

Koine Iwasaki SYTYCD Finale


Koine Iwasaki and the rest of the “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 4 competed in the performance finale on Monday. Check out the videos below!

Iwasaki is a 20-year-old contemporary dancer from Florida and one of the final four contestants left in season 12 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” Notably, her competitors include two others who specialize in contemporary: Taylor Sieve and Lex Ishimoto. She’s also up against Latin ballroom specialist Kiki Nyemchek. Like her rivals, Iwasaki first had to impress during the auditions and then during call-backs at the Dance Academy to score a spot in this year’s Top 10.

She particularly wowed All-Star Marko Germar, who put her on his team of four. He ultimately had to pick just one contestant to continue on to the live shows, and chose the Floridian. And from the start, the pair has shown such intense, emotional chemistry that it’s actually been suggested they start dating. Iwasaki has also found herself so moved by the journey of the reality show that two weeks ago, she cried on stage, overcome by everything that was going on. It hasn’t, however, always been smooth sailing. In late August, Iwasaki was in jeopardy of going home after viewers’ votes placed her in the bottom three. Fortunately, the judges saved her from elimination.

Now she had to show during the final round that that was a worthwhile decision. Iwasaki’s night kicked off with the opening group number, which featured both the contestants and the All-Stars. Next, there was a Top 4 dance, after which she had to do a Broadway duet with Ishimoto. The number was sweet and even described as “silly,” but scored a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel Lyhtgoe called Iwasaki’s technique “fabulous,” while Vanessa Hudgens said the duo was “winning” and “mind-blowingly dynamic” together. Mary Murphy even said Iwasaki made it look “effortless,” and called it one of her “favorite” routines of all time.

After that, the aspiring star chose to reprise her African Jazz number with Germar. It was a bold choice, and Murphy deemed it “fantastic.” She told Iwasaki, “You just get better and better… I will want to watch this routine over and over and over again.” Lythgoe said it showed the “diversity” of her “talent,” and Hudgens said she “loved” that the contender picked this routine, as it was one of her favorites this season. Shortly after, Iwasaki was paired with Sieve for a jazz performance choreographed by Mandy Moore, who wanted to focus on the “four Ss” — sultry, sensual, strong and sophisticated.

“You didn’t get it wrong. It was fantastic,” Lythgoe said afterward. Hudgens declared, “This literally is the ultimate female empowerment routine.” Added Murphy, “You guys were commanding that stage.” Iwasaki followed that up with her last solo turn on the stage, and then did a contemporary duet with Nyemchek that was choreographed by Travis Wall. Murphy was emotional, and said the pair was “peaking at the right time.” Lythgoe also praised Iwasaki for being both a dancer and an actress. Watch the videos below!

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