Kobe Bryant Never Got High With Snoop Dogg, Despite Speculation (PHOTO)

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Kobe Bryant Snoop Dogg High

By Andrew Shuster |

Kobe Bryant Snoop Dogg High


Kobe Bryant did NOT get high with Snoop Dogg while hanging out with the rapper in Los Angeles on Wednesday, despite a photoshopped image sparking inaccurate social media speculation.

The recently retired Lakers star posted an Instagram photo of himself and Snoop in what appears to be a recording studio. A fan later altered the image to make it appear as if Bryant had bloodshot eyes, and then reposted it. Many of the former NBA player’s fans were duped into believing the edited picture was real, and wrongly presumed Bryant had smoked weed with the rapper, whose enthusiasm for marijuana is no secret.

Hundreds of users reacted to the fake image in the comments section, with one person writing, “Kobe is getting baked,” and another adding, “Judging by the look on his face he’s all the way up lol he’s super lit.” One fan joked, “Kobe scored 420 pts on this day,” while another similarly quipped, “All time career HIGH.” Meanwhile, another fan asked, “On a scale of high to high how high are you Kobe?” And there were tons of additional such reactions and wisecracks.

However, Bryant’s rep now confirms to TMZ that the red-eyed image is simply “not real,” adding, “He wasn’t smoking!” For further proof that the NBA legend didn’t smoke pot with Snoop, check out side-by-side photos below of the original image next to the doctored one.

Snoop Dogg Kobe Bryant High Photoshopped



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