Kitten Bowl 2017 Live Stream: Watch Online!

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Kitten Bowl 2017 Live Stream

By Holly Nicol |

Kitten Bowl 2017 Live Stream

(Hallmark Channel)

Kitten Bowl 2017 is taking place on Sunday, and Gossip Cop has a live stream of the event. See all the action online below.

The fourth annual Kitten Bowl serves as a delightful and entertaining pre-Super Bowl staple for all those who want to watch a variety of adorable felines take to a makeshift football field and score some mini-touchdowns. Once again, animal lover Beth Stern hosts the game, alongside play-by-play commentators Mary Carillo and John Sterling.

Four teams are competing in this year’s playoffs, including the “Last Hope Lions,” “Boomer’s Bobcats,” “Home & Family Felines,” and “Northshore Bengals.” Representing the “Last Hope Lions” are Coach Hairball, Tony Slo-Mo, Brownie, Catsanova, Julius Peepers, Mambo, Mitzi, Pounce de Leon, Bobcat Gurley, and Shorty. Playing for the “Boomer’s Bobcats” are, Tom Bratty Cat, Snowflake, Pickle, Moose, Hissing Bolt, Hairy Fitzgerald, DeMarco Purry, Daisy, Cuddles and Coach Tubby. The “Home & Family Felines” team has Squeaks, Spud MacMuffin, Paw-Dell Beckham Jr., Noodle, Mew Brees, Frank, Cubby, Beans, Bacon, and Coach Fish Kelly. And finally, playing for the “Northshore Bengals” are, Twinkle, Toffee, T. Wrecks, Sir Prance-A-Lot, Pork Chop, Laser, Jelly Bean, Jalapeño, Furry Bradshaw, and Dijon Sanders.

What’s more, all of the “cathletes” for this year’s Kitten Bowl were adopted. The 2017 Kitten Bowl officially kicks off at 12 p.m. EST on the Hallmark Channel. Watch all the action in the live stream below! NOTE: The live stream is no longer available.

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