LIVE STREAM: 2015 Kitten Bowl!

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Kitten Bowl Live Stream

By Shari Weiss |

Kitten Bowl Live Stream


The second annual Kitten Bowl takes place on Sunday, and Gossip Cop has a live stream!

The 2015 event, officially called “Kitten Bowl II,” serves as delightful pre-Super Bowl programming for all those who want to see balls of fluff try to score some mini-touchdowns. Beth Stern will once again host, with John Sterling doing the play-by-play, much like he does for the New York Yankees.

The kittens participating, called “CAT-letes” (get it?), come from North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation to join the Feline Football League, after which they’ll be up for adoption. Former football star Boomer Esiason serves as the league’s commissioner. A number of celebrities are slated to make appearances, including Regis Philbin and Kevin Nealon.

This year’s competition features four teams competing for the championship. There’s the Good Witch Wildcats with Baxter, Beau Catson, Clawvin Johnson (also known as Meowcatron), Jet, Joe Montuna, Lightning, Mr. Meowgi, Nom Nom Nom Suh, S’mores, and William “The Litterbox” Purry. The Hallmark Channel Hearties include Bing Clawsby, Chester, Matt Furte, Richard Purrman, Ryan Fitzcatrick, Snuggles, Spot, Squints, Tawny Unitas, and Wes Whisker. Playing for the Northpole Panthers will be Aaron Pawdgers, Basil, Ben Catspunsburger, Cat Stafford, Mario Meowingham, Puffy, Terrell, Snuggs, Tiger, Tortie Nelson,and Willie. And the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Mountain Lions will be represented by Alley, Brian Urlitter, Coffee, Devon Hisster, Jadeveon Clawny, Joe Fluffo, Raisin, Spike, Sprinkles, and Stray Matthews.

There’s also an Ambassador of Paws-itivity named Happy the Cat. The Su-purr Bowl officially kicks off at 12 p.m. Eastern.


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