Kit Harington Scratches His Balls On “The Tonight Show” – WATCH VIDEO

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Kit Harrington Scratches Balls Tonight Show

By Shari Weiss |

Kit Harrington Scratches Balls Tonight Show


Kit Harrington scratched his balls on “The Tonight Show” on Friday. Yes, you read that correctly. Watch below.

Harrington was a guest on the episode to promote “Game of Thrones,” which he did by telling an amusing story about using the hit series to get out of a ticket. But the interview went in a different direction entirely when it was revealed the actor is superstitious. “I have OCDs galore,” he admitted, “and really non-sensical ones as well.”

That includes this: “I have to scratch my balls every time I see an ambulance,” Harrington confessed to a bewildered Jimmy Fallon. The HBO star went on to explain, “Apparently it’s good luck for the person inside, and I thought that was a nice thing.” When Fallon expressed doubt, Harrington insisted it was an “Italian tradition.”

And wouldn’t you know Fallon just happened to have a toy ambulance truck behind his desk? “Ugh,” Harrington exclaimed before giving his crotch a little scratch as the audience and Fallon cracked up. “It’s true,” the actor still swore before offering a apology for the vulgar bit.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Harrington’s time on the show also included a game of charades with Rose Byrne, Blake Shelton and Fallon. No balls were scratched then, at least to our knowledge.


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