Kimberly Nichole And Koryn Hawthorne Voice Knockout Video: Awesome Steal!

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Koryn Hawthorne Kimberly Nichole Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Koryn Hawthorne Kimberly Nichole Voice Knockout Video


Kimberly Nichole and Koryn Hawthorne’s Knockout on “The Voice” on Monday didn’t actually lead to either of them getting knocked out of the NBC music competition. Instead, there was an awesome last-minute steal in the final seconds of the episode. Check out the video below!

Coach Christina Aguilera chose Nichole and Hawthorne for a showdown in which they each picked their own song to sing, but the superstar could only select one as the winner after the back-to-back performances. The contestants were not happy about going up against each other, but Aguilera felt that they had “very similar voices,” and only “wanted one of that representing my team.”

Hawthorne sang “Try,” a song by guest advisor Nate Ruess’ “Just Give Me A Reason” collaborator, Pink, while Nichole went with “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” by Sting. Neither held anything back on the stage, and Nichole even exclaimed to her competitor afterward, “Sing, girl!” Pharrell went on to say, “Christina, this is the TOUGHEST knockout. Both of you are the winner,” and Adam Levine said, “I felt like we just fast-forwarded to the end of the season.”

Aguilera, who agreed it was the “best knockout” seen thus far, was so torn, she cried out, “No, no, no! Don’t make me!” The superstar ended up choosing Nichole as the winner, and then actually got up to BEG her fellow coaches to steal Hawthorne. Pharrell went for it, using his only steal of the Knockout round. Aguilera was so excited, and jumped around screaming, “It’s a win-win!” Check out the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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