Kimberly Nichole “Creep” ‘The Voice’ Video: Radiohead Cover Leaves Coaches “In Awe”

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Kimberly Nichole Creep Voice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kimberly Nichole Creep Voice Video


Kimberly Nichole’s stunning cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” left the coaches “in awe” on Monday’s “The Voice.” Watch below!

The singer, who kicked off last week’s episode with a standing ovation, was the third to take the stage this time around, and got the panel on its feet once again. Before the performance, viewers saw Nichole get emotional in rehearsals with Christina Aguilera and special guest (and former coach!) Gwen Stefani. The aspiring star explained that the song really fit for where she is in her life, and that was apparent when she performed it live.

Aguilera stood up before Nichole was even done singing, and Pharrell seemed utterly flabbergasted. Still standing, he told the contestant, “I’m honored that you were on my team. I’m honored that you’re still on the show. I that’s insecurity, I hope we can all have some. The control you just had over the etnire nation as you sat on the ground waiting for the last note, that’s masterful.”

Adam Levine noted that “Creep” has been covered endlessly, but “never before has there ever been a version that’s been that unique and that refreshingly different, and also worked. Really powerful and very dramatic and super amazing. Like, wow. Damn.” And Blake Shelton gushed, “I just can’t say enough. That’s the type of performance you would think someone would spend months working. The fact that you came up with that in a few days — I can’t say enough about how immaculately talented you are. Just a star.”

Aguilera went on to tell Nichole, “You have to know that was crazy. I’m in awe. Because you’re not just an amazing singer… you are an artist. You showed up there, I’m sorry, things that people don’t even know about themselves yet. You embody everything his competition is about.” Check out the video below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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