Kim Zolciak Slammed Over Photo Of 3-Year-Old Daughter

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Kim Zolciak Daughter Kaia Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Zolciak Daughter Kaia Photo

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Kim Zolciak is getting slammed over a photo of she posted of her almost 3-year-old daughter, Kaia, with photoshopped nipple pasties. While the picture was meant to mock the plastic surgery rumors that surround the former “Real Housewives” star, many on Instagram took issue with the snapshot because the toddler, who has a cut on her nose, was inappropriately dressed.

“If you zoom in on my nose you will see my mom is already molding my face to look just like hers… as I stand there in anticipation I can’t wait to see what my face will look like,” Zolciak wrote in the caption, speaking as if she was her daughter. “#SamePlasticSurgeon #StartingAnArmyOfKims #WeDontLookAlikeCuzOfGenes #ItsPhotoshop #ImToughLikeMyBrothers #FellFlatOnMyFace #HappyFridayHaveAGreatWeekend.”

Kaia, who will turn 3 next month, is pictured in a jumpsuit without a shirt underneath, leaving her chest exposed. Zolciak, however, photoshopped hearts over where her nipples would be, as if they were pasties. But even though the little girl’s privates are not actually visible, the reality star is still getting called out.

“Ya I gotta say, I would NEVER post a pic like this of MY 3 yr old Kaia,” wrote one commenter. “There’s too many sickos out here just waiting for sh*t like this to pop up. You could have put a shirt on her if you really needed a pic of her like this. Never have minded any other posts until now. This one is too much.”

“No one wants to see a child injured, poor thing, glad she’s a tough chic. However, as a mother of 3 girls, I have to disagree with the posting of a photo with hearts over her chest. All you had to do was crop the photo to only show her face,” argued someone else, further asking, “Why objectify her so young?”

Another person wrote, “”There are more creeps than you’d ever realize on social media. Don’t assume people look like their photo. I would not want a pervert ogling photos of my young daughter. It’s not worth it, not even close. This is also how dangerous stalkers are bred. Please think.”

And someone else said, “I know my comment will be deleted and I will be called a troll just know when horrible things like this pop up randomly I have every right to comment. You are a horrible disgusting mother. If this picture was posted by anyone else people would think it horrible but for some reason all if your crazy trashy finds adore it and you. I feel sorry for your kids and the kids of your followers.”

The comment wasn’t deleted, but it prompted many of Zolciak’s fans to come to her defense. “Omg so many miserable people giving parenting advice. If you didn’t birth any of Kim’s kids,then you shouldn’t give your two cents. She’s a gorgeous little girl! God bless her,” said one follower.

A different person questioned, “What are people seeing saying it pedophilia. Im a mom and this cute. Accidents happen and clothes slide down. Yall tripping.” And someone else revealed, “my daughter has the same romper and we have the same issue with her little boobies! #toddlerprobs.”

Still, another supporter said, “Im a HUGE Kim Z fan. I think what people might be trying to say but seem to be saying it in mean, nasty, vile comments is, there are some really sick people on social media who LIVE for pics of beautiful little girls and do horrible disgusting things to themselves while looking at said pictures.”

“Just be careful @kimzolciakbiermann, be careful of the sickos out there,” cautioned the commenter. Someone else argued, “I loveeeeee kim BUT there are some nasty ass sick people who will love pics like this. I wouldn’t put a pic of my daughter up like this for the world to see or would i dress my daughter in clothes like that BUT thats me not her. I just feel like in a world where kids are a little to grown for there own good lets keep kids acting and looking like kids. I dont judge her, there is no hand book on parenting. This is just my opinion!”

Another person deemed the photo “pedophile bait,” and a few said they intended to report the picture to Instagram as “inappropriate.” It should be noted, Zolciak has since removed the controversial photo.

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