Kim Kardashian is not "worried" Kylie Jenner is "too young" to be a mom, despite a made-up report that barely touches on the subject. Gossip Cop can correct this phony story. We're told it's "false," and Kardashian is confident her youngest sister is ready to welcome her baby.

The latest fabrication comes from HollywoodLife, a site that's so often wrong about the Kardashians and Jenners that its commonly referred to as HollywoodLies. The habitually discredited site quotes an unnamed and untraceable "source" who says in highly unnatural language, "Kim kind of goes back and forth between being threatened by Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and then wanting to pass them the torch." Of course, that has nothing to do whatsoever with the site's purported premise about Kardashian being "worried" that Jenner is "too young" to be a mom.

It's also worth noting that no real Kardashian "source" would say she's threatened by "Kylie and Kendall Jenner." An actual person would say "her sisters" or just "Kylie and Kendall." There would be no need to include the sisters' last name "Jenner." And lastly, as opposed to HollywoodLies' phony narrative about the siblings feeling "threatened" by one another, Kardashian shot down fake feud and rivalry stories involving Jenner in a post on her website in 2016. She noted, "Kylie and I laugh so hard at this all the time, because people always want to pit us against each other."

Only further down in its bogus article does HollywoodLies' so-called "source" remember what the story is actually about and adds, "There's the big sister part of [Kardashian] that worries that Kylie is just too young to be a mom." Not surprisingly, the site simply throws out that one line, which serves as the basis for its entire article, and yet it doesn't offer any proof. While it's true Jenner is young, she's also accomplished a lot for someone her age. Shortly before her 20th birthday, for example, it was reported that Jenner's cosmetics line will become a billion-dollar brand by 2022. It should also be pointed out that family matriarch, Kris Jenner, became a mom at 23.

Regardless, Kardashian has not shared with anyone who's leaking stories to blogs that she's "worried" Jenner is "too young" to become a mom. It's flat-out untrue. A rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop that HollywoodLies' story is "false."

To say the site has a track record for fabricating stories about Kardashian and Jenner is an understatement. In just the past few weeks alone, the repeatedly disproven outlet wrongly claimed Kardashian was divorcing Kanye West after the birth of her third child and even questioned whether Jenner's actually pregnant. And in each of those articles, the outlet pretended to have family sources. We've said it before and we'll say it again: If you don't mind reading fake news, there's HollywoodLife. But if you care about honest reporting and vigorous fact-checking, there's only one Gossip Cop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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