Kim Kardashian To Will Smith: You’ll Be Angel To Family After Murder

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Kim Kardashian Will Smith

By Michael Lewittes |

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Kim Kardashian is mourning the death of Will Smith, whose wife Racquel is a close friend of hers. On Sunday, hours after the former New Orleans Saints defensive end was shot dead in what’s being called a road rage incident, Kardashian is expressing how “deeply saddened” she is, as well as praying Smith will be an angel “in the life after” for his family.

As widely reported, Smith, a member of the Saints’ Super Bowl XLIV championship team, was rear-ended on Saturday night, causing his car to crash into another vehicle ahead of him. The driver of the car in front of Smith, now identified as Cardell Hayes, exchanged words with the former NFL star before fatally shooting him several times. Hayes, who has since been arrested and charged with murder, also shot Smith’s wife Racquel, but her injuries are not life-threatening.

In the wake of the senseless murder, NFL teams and players have voiced their sadness and sympathies on Twitter. In a statement, the Smith family said it was “thankful for the outpouring of support and prayers.” Now, Kardashian, a friend of the late football player and his wife, is also publicly grieving.

In a series of tweets, Kardashian, who would always meet with Racquel when she was in New Orleans, noted to her friend, “My heart breaks for my sweet friend Rockie. I’m deeply saddened by your loss.” Next, the reality star directed her remarks to the deceased, “Will, you were an angel to your family on earth and you will continue to be in the life after. May God bless you!” Kardashian concluded her messages, “Sending so many prayers to her & her family! May the Lord surround her & her children with love and protection during this devastating time.”


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