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A recent report claims Kim Kardashian is "sipping tea" and "enjoying" watching Wendy Williams go through a cheating scandal. But Gossip Cop has learned no one close to the reality star has shared her thoughts on the talk show host's personal life. It's simply one of several fake news stories that were manufactured to capitalize on the controversy surrounding Williams.

Last month it was claimed Williams' husband was having an affair and living a double life with a secret mistress, an allegation she denied. "I stand by my guy," she said on her eponymous talk show, telling viewers, "Don't believe the hype and if there was hype, believe me you, I would let you know." Since the rumor first surfaced, HollywoodLife has published 15 related stories. Several of these have been "exclusives," in which the webloid claims it knows what so-and-so celebrity thinks about the gossip. The site wants readers to believe that sources close to T.I. and Tiny, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Eniko Parrish and Kim Zolciak have all dished their personal opinions on Williams' drama.

For example, the outlet alleged Parrish felt "bad" for Williams. The article hinged on Kevin Hart's wife feeling sympathetic for the TV personality, despite Williams discussing the comedian's own cheating scandal on her show. But the purported "exclusive" was a fabrication, a work of fiction that was crafted merely to exploit interest in Williams' situation. It's not through thorough reporting and well-connected insiders that HollywoodLies happened to be the only publication that learned how Brown, Beyonce and more stars were reacting. The pieces only exist because the webloid concocted them in hopes of winning Williams-related search traffic with fake news.

And that's the exact reason there's an "exclusive" article headlined, "Kim Kardashian Sipping Tea After Wendy Williams Scandal: 'You're The One With The Fake Marriage.'" In the story, the site claims it has "EXCLUSIVE details" on how Kardashian is "enjoying the fallout" as Williams "attempts to move past her husband's alleged cheating scandal." A so-called "source close to Kim" is quoted as saying, "Kim is loving all the rumors surrounding Wendy and her man's infidelity. Kim feels that Wendy is often unfair in a lot of her criticism of her, her marriage with Kanye and the rest of her family."

This supposed snitch goes on, "Kim will never forget when Wendy attacked her marriage to Kanye, judging their love, their relationship and saying that what Kim and Kanye have was not a real marriage. Now Kim is the one who feels that, if the rumors are true, Wendy is the one with a fake marriage." Like gossiping kids on a playground, HollywoodLies asks readers, "Are you loving Kimmy's reaction to Wendy's scandal?" But there's nothing to love about made-up quotes.

However Kardashian does or doesn't feel about Williams' scandal, no one close to her is sharing her thoughts with HollywoodLifes. In fact, Gossip Cop has pointed out countless previous instances in which the bad blog has run illegitimate quotes about how Kardashian supposedly feels about this or that. These inauthentic stories are all about taking real news and twisting them into fake news. And here, both Kardashian and Williams are the victims, in addition to readers who are being duped with transparent lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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