Kim Kardashian Wearing Balmain And Versace As She Gives Birth?

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Kim Kardashian Wearing Balmain Birth

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Wearing Balmain Birth

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Kim Kardashian is NOT planning to wear Balmain and Versace as she gives birth, despite an absolutely ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim, which a rep for Kardashian tells us isn’t the least bit true.

The story comes from the fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife, which claims Kardashian “won’t be caught dead wearing a hospital gown,” and instead will be “all dolled up while she’s giving birth to her second child in December.” With well more than a month to go, the webloid alleges Kardashian is “already styling her delivery outfit,” and “wants to wear couture clothing” in the delivery room.

“She wants to be draped in an elegant, oversized, custom made Balmain cape and yes, the girl is even planning on wearing a killer pair of Versace sandals, too,” a so-called “insider” tells HollywoodLife in a very fake-sounding quote. The site adds, however, that while Kardashian wants to “look amazing on the delivery table giving birth,” husband Kanye West is mocking the idea.

The outlet’s supposed “insider” says, “Kanye isn’t too thrilled about her look. He joked and told her he doesn’t want to see her looking like Andre Leon Talley laying on that when she’s giving birth. She laughed so hard at him, her water almost broke.” First off, Gossip Cop doubts West would cruelly make fun of Talley, a close friend who also happens to be one of the editors of Vogue and just interviewed the rapper-turned-fashion designer last month. Second, if Kardashian’s water actually broke at this point, that would be a very serious medical emergency for her child, making HollywoodLies’ attempt at being funny anything but.

But most importantly, these claims about Kardashian donning Balmain and Versace WHILE she gives birth are not only outrageous, but they’re also completely false. A rep for the reality star actually laughed when Gossip Cop asked about the ludicrous claims, calling them “crazy.” The only thing crazier is HollywoodLife itself, which also recently made up a story about Kardashian supposedly planning to film the delivery. Unsurprisingly, that mistaken allegation is not mentioned in this equally-wrong new report.

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Kim Kardashian is planning to wear Balmain And Versace as she gives birth.


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