Kim Kardashian Upset With Beyonce Story Was Made Up

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Kim Kardashain Upset Beyonce Robbery

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashain Upset Beyonce Robbery

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A story claiming Kim Kardashian is upset with Beyonce was made up, Gossip Cop can confirm. Not surprisingly, it comes from a webloid that has been caught making up stories time and again.

Yes, we’re talking about HollywoodLife, which on Friday night purported to have an “exclusive” about the two stars. According to the article, Kardashian is “feeling ‘sad and disappointed’ that Beyonce and a few other friends have given her the cold shoulder in the wake of her frightening Paris robbery.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Beyonce has not reached out to Kim since her incident in Paris which is no surprise to Kim as they have never been close.”

“Kim is realizing who she can and can not rely on during tough times. She is sad and disappointed that certain people like Beyonce have been so cold,” continues the outlet’s supposed snitch. The alleged tipster further clams, “Kim gets that Beyonce has a family of her own and a very busy career but Kim also feels it would be nice to get flowers or something. But no, not so much as a text message from Beyonce.”

It seems, however, that the site manufactured this story simply because Kardashian’s husband Kanye West called out Jay Z in a rant earlier this week for, among other things, not visiting them after the traumatic incident. Gossip Cop was already told earlier this month that HollywoodLies was making up stories related to Kardashian’s robbery.

And now we’ve been informed that this is another instance of that. “They are so lame,” says our contact, noting how HollywoodLife likes to “appear as if they got something” exclusive. But again and again, the webloid is exclusively wrong.

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Kim Kardashian is upset with Beyoncé.


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