Kim Kardashian: Anyone Who “Talks Sh*t” About Me I’ll “Blast The F*ck Outta Them”

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Kim Kardashian Twitter Rant

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Twitter Rant

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Kim Kardashian is pissed off at outlets that make stuff up about her. She may even be more annoyed than Gossip Cop. On Tuesday, she unloaded on blogs that fabricate stories about her. Kardashian even tweeted, “Can’t wait til my website is active! I’m gonna do live video streaming so every time someone talks sh*t I can go blast the f*ck outta them.”

Kardashian added in a second tweet, “People make up so much even people close who u think are legit. Truth time.” She then singled out two stories that Gossip Cop already exclusively debunked. The first rumor that Kardashian blasted was the totally manufactured and dreadfully wrong report from Us Weekly that claimed she was going to “start to pursue a surrogate in June.” As Gossip Cop reported last Wednesday, that story was 100 percent “false.” Kardashian, who’s pregnant with her second child, tweeted, “If I got a surrogate I would say I did! Thankfully I didn’t have 2.”

The second report that Kardashian noted was a MediaTakeOut story that Gossip Cop busted on Monday, alleging she was going to wear a prosthetic belly because she’s “faking” her pregnancy. As we noted, that fabricated tale is “nuts.” Kardashian, in response to a fan, wrote, “Please! This is the type of stuff I will address.” In the meantime, whenever there are more inaccurate stories about Kardashian, Gossip Cop will “blast the f*ck outta them.”


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