Kim Kardashian Did NOT Get Tummy Tuck After Birth Of Saint West, Despite Report

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kim kardashian tummy tuck

By Michael Lewittes |

kim kardashian tummy tuck

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Kim Kardashian did not get a tummy tuck nor plan to get one after the birth of her son Saint West, despite an absurdly inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively tear apart this claim. We’re told the story is beyond “untrue.”

According to the cut-and-pasters at Star, Kardashian scheduled “a slew of surgeries the very day she gives birth.” A so called “friend” tells the tabloid, which hit newsstands on Wednesday, “If she has to have a C-section, she wants her doc to give her a tummy tuck while they’re at it.” The same fake “friend” claims in the unreliable magazine, “She’s also booked liposuction and intense laser work to get rid of her stretch marks.”

The tabloid, which has no verifiable facts, then quotes a doctor who has never ever treated Kardashian as saying, “Patients usually need to wait nine months after delivery to do a tummy tuck… That’s how long it takes for the uterus to return to prepregnancy size and drop back into the pelvis.” After the same surgeon says Kardashian can’t breastfeed because the anesthesia used for her plastic surgery could “taint mother’s milk,” the publication alleges the reality star is going to “put her newborn’s needs on the back burner if it means fitting back into a bikini.”

While that medical information is somewhat interesting on it’s own face value, it has zero to do with Kardashian.

Let’s examine this story a little. For starters, it’s interesting that even though Saint West was born last Saturday, and the magazine went to its printers two days later on Monday (before hitting newsstands on Wednesday), somehow or another the tabloid doesn’t mention once in its entire article that the little boy was born. There’s no mention of a delivery. There’s no mention of the baby’s name. There’s no mention at all that Kardashian gave birth.

Instead, Gossip Cop can bust Star for pre-writing its article and embarrass its sloppy editors for forgetting to either edit out or update its (totally incorrect) story. More importantly, Kardashian did not have a C-section, so all this nonsense from the phony “friend” and the doctor is completely meaningless.

That said, Gossip Cop checked in with Kardashian’s own rep, and we laughed together about how utterly “untrue” the tabloid’s article is. It should be noted, Kardashian also did not have other plastic surgeries before leaving the hospital with her baby boy Saint West.

But Gossip Cop felt like this story sounded familiar. Not surprisingly, we found in our archives that when baby North was born in June 2013, the magazine wrote essentially the same falsehoods, quoting a “friend” as saying back then that Kardashian had a C-section and was “planning to have liposuction and a tummy tuck after giving birth, before checking out of the hospital.”

Kardashian did not have a C-section with North nor did she get a tummy tuck or lipo after her little girl was born. Star was wrong back in 2013 and is wrong again now with its article that somehow neglected to even mention Saint West’s name or birth. Once again, the tabloid has been caught not knowing what the “tuck” it’s talking about.


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