Kim Kardashian Did NOT Call Truce With Amber Rose So Kanye West Can Run For President, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian Amber Rose Truce Kanye West President

By Michael Lewittes |

Kim Kardashian Amber Rose Truce Kanye West President

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Kim Kardashian did not broker a truce between Kanye West and Amber Rose because she thinks it will help him become president in 2020, despite an absurd and entirely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story. We’re told it’s a complete lie.

According to the often untrustworthy HollywoodLife, West was “desperate” to have Kardashian make peace with Rose because their feud was “getting in the way of his presidential dreams.” The webloid then quotes ones of its entirely untraceable (and possibly nonexistent) sources as saying very unnaturally, “Rose has tons of Kanye skeletons in her closet,” and in addition to the allegations about him liking fingers in his behind, the rapper and Kardashian want to control the situation “before anything else came out.” The bogus source adds that West is “serious” about becoming president of the United States and “doesn’t want Amber to derail that in any way.”

Besides it being beyond ridiculous that Rose is the one thing between West and the White House, among the actual reasons Kardashian and West’s ex-girlfriend reconciled is that after the mudslinging, they both related to each other as moms and “see the bigger picture” in life, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop.

Gossip Cop also checked in with Kardashian’s rep, who exclusively confirmed to us that the HollywoodLies story is all made up. Kardashian and Rose laying down the hatchet has nothing to do with West possibly (though probably never) running for president.

Of course, the webloid has a rich history of getting busted for fabricating stories about West and Kardashian. Gossip Cop exposed the site when it manufactured a 100 percent fake report about the couple receiving congratulations from Kate Middleton and Prince William on the birth of Saint. Of the subject of Kardashian and West’s son, Gossip Cop also debunked several tales by the outlet that alternately claimed they were naming their son Easton, Lamar, and Robert. All those stories were lies, as is the latest fiction about Kardashian brokering a truce for West’s bid for the presidency.

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Kim Kardashian called a truce with Amber Rose to help Kanye West’s presidential dream.


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