Kim Kardashian: I’m “Thinking” About Baby Number Three (VIDEO)

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Kim Kardashian Baby Three KUWTK Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Baby Three KUWTK Video


Kim Kardashian is already “thinking” about baby number three, even though she hasn’t even given birth to her second child yet. Watch below!

As it turns out, Kardashian was even contemplating having a third child over the summer. In a new clip from this Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which was filmed in late July/early August, the expectant star discusses her weight gain in comparison to her first pregnancy. She then freaks out mom Kris Jenner by wondering about a third one.

“I’m 25 pounds up on the scale today,” Kardashian announces to her mother. “And I’m only halfway there. Last time I gained 50, but I delivered six weeks early, and they say you gain the most at the end.”

Jenner tries to reassure her daughter, saying, “You have to remember you’re making another human being, and that you were able to really get in the best shape of your life after your baby, and you’ll do it again.”

Kardashian insists she’s “not worried,” but wondering if she’s destined to keep putting on more pounds with each subsequent pregnancy. “I’m just thinking about number three,” she tells her momager. “Like if I have another one, that’s when I think your body starts to slip.”

Jenner is quite taken aback at the possibility of another grandchild, exclaiming, “Number three?! Woah! Can we just slow down and have number two?!” Well, number two should be arriving in the next few weeks, if not days. Check out the “KUWTK” video below, and tell us what you think!


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