Kim Kardashian Stolen Jewelry Funding Terrorism?!

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Kim Kardashian Terrorism

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Terrorism

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Kim Kardashian’s stolen jewelry is funding terrorism?! That’s the outrageous claim that surfaced on Tuesday. Gossip Cop looked into the crazy allegation.

The rumor was started by RadarOnline, which asserts Kardashian is “trapped in a terrorism nightmare.” According to the repeatedly wrong site, “cops have linked her stolen gems to the coffers of Islamic jihadists!” It’s specifically claimed Interpol has “connected the diamonds snatched from Kardashian’s Paris hotel suite during a brazen Oct. 3 robbery to shady moneymen with ties to radical Islamic terrorists.”

After regurgitating previously reported speculation that the stolen jewels may have been resold as part of the illegal diamond trade on the black market in Belgium, the webloid takes it a step further by quoting an unnamed “European official” as saying, “There’s reason to believe the jewelry stolen from Kim Kardashian is going directly into the coffers of terror groups.” But the outlet continually talks in generalities, never providing any specific evidence directly linking Kardashian’s own baubles to terrorists.

Yet, RadarOnline still contends Kardashian “must live with the knowledge her stolen swag could be used to harm her people.” And a supposed “source” wonders, “Who knows what horrors Kim’s bling will end up funding.” Who knows is right — certainly not this frequently discredited blog.

The online publication has already been caught passing off a fake video as footage from the theft, and had the gall to take credit earlier this month for the arrests in Kardashian’s robbery case. French police even confirmed to Gossip Cop that the site’s video had nothing to do with the case. Most significantly, despite the webloid’s claim, an Interpol spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop “no such statement has been made” connecting Kardashian’s robbery to funding Islamic terrorists.

Gossip Cop also checked in with sources close to Kardashian, who tell us the terrorism allegations are “nuts.” One of our contacts adds that “she has no knowledge” of a link between her jewelry and terrorism. It seems this might be a “nightmare” RadarOnline invented.

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