Kim Kardashian ‘Pissed’ Taylor Swift Romance ‘Broke Same Time’ As GQ Cover?

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Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift GQ

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift GQ

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Is Kim Kardashian “pissed” that Taylor Swift’s new romance “broke [the] same time” as her GQ cover? That’s the strong claim coming a webloid that’s been caught telling lies about both stars this week. Gossip Cop can separate the fact from the fiction.

According to an “exclusive” from HollywoodLife (yes, we’re rolling our eyes, too), Kardashian is “fuming” because “what was supposed to be an extra special day for the GQ cover model was overshadowed” by Swift’s “hot new romance” with Tom Hiddleston. The site suggests Swift “rained on [her] parade” because “the release of her sexy GQ cover played second fiddle to the bombshell news and pics of Taytay snuggling with her new beau.'”

Like a child, the outlet goes on to whine, “June 15 was suppose to be Kim’s day! In addition to the exciting release of her GQ cover, it was her daughter North West’s third birthday. But a little matter of a hot, new romance with a man rumored to be the next James Bond for Taylor TOTALLY stole Kim’s thunder!”

A so-called “insider” is then quoted as saying, “Of all the days for Taylor to come out with the news of having a new boyfriend, why did it have to be on the same day as Kim’s huge GQ cover release? This is what’s been going through Kim’s mind. Kim is thoroughly annoyed that all this Taylor and Tom news completely overshadowed her big day! She is beyond frustrated that Taylor stole the spotlight!”

It sounds dramatic, like many HollywoodLife stories, but it’s really not. GQ sent out Kardashian’s new cover shortly after 10 a.m., and it was widely covered almost immediately. Photos of Swift and Hiddleston, which were taken the day before, surfaced hours later. These are two separate events, and hardly occurred at the “same time.”

Sure, Swift knew Kardashian was the subject of an upcoming GQ cover story (the singer’s rep is quoted in the controversial piece). But neither star had any control over the timing of the release. And the notion that Swift purposefully went out with Hiddleston on Tuesday just so The Sun could obtain the photos and run them on Wednesday is absurd. Not to mention that Kardashian’s interview, in which she rips Swift, didn’t come out until Thursday.

But since Kardashian and Swift are currently feuding, HollywoodLies wanted to get in on the action and manufactured a new angle. There’s just one big problem: It was apparently fabricated. Asked about the allegations Kardashian is “pissed” over the timing, a rep for the reality star exclusively tell Gossip Cop, “This is false.”

That’s not surprising. In another attempt to capitalize on the attention surrounding Kardashian’s GQ cover, HollywoodLife created a story about Kris Humphries’ supposed reaction (really). And earlier this week, the webloid also made up a story about Swift being in talks to appear on the “America’s Got Talent” finale. Gossip Cop busted both of those tall tales, and we’ll keep busting the site as long it continues to spread lies.

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Kim Kardashian is angry Taylor Swift’s breakup aired at the same time as her GQ cover.

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