Kim Kardashian “Determined To Take Taylor Swift Down” Is Made-Up Story

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Kim Kardashian Take Down Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Take Down Taylor Swift

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An article claiming Kim Kardashian is “determined” to take Taylor Swift “down” on Instagram was made up. Gossip Cop can explain the genesis of this fabrication.

On Friday, HollywoodLife is blaring in a headline, “Kim K Determined To Take Taylor Swift Down On IG Using Nudes, Sonograms & More.” The accompanying story begins, “Watch out, Taylor Swift! Kim Kardashian’s coming for you. As of press time, T-Swizzle has nearly 200K more followers than Kim on Instagram, but we hear Kim’s hoping the ‘tools’ she has in her arsenal will help her regain the lead!” If this sounds familiar, it’s because the webloid already published a manufactured piece on this same topic a week ago. At the time, HollywoodLies ridiculously claimed Kardashian was “fighting for followers” with Swift on Instagram.

This new post is an extension of that absurd narrative. A so-called “Kardashian insider” is quoted as saying, “Kim is aiming to take Taylor out in this Instagram competition. She’s very competitive and certainly doesn’t want to lose. She has her team coming up with ideas that she can use in the coming weeks and months to overtake Taylor on the gram. She’s got plenty of gorgeous nude shots that she can post and she’s not against putting up more to get ahead.” The site’s supposed source further contends, “But nudity isn’t the only tool in Kim’s arsenal. Her fans love to see her kids too. People on her team have suggested she debut her unborn child’s sonogram to get more followers. When it comes to showing Taylor up, there are no limits.”

Kardashian and her camp have yet to actually confirm she is expecting a baby via surrogate, and it’s offensive to suggest the reality star would only do so to get more followers than Swift. But HollywoodLies is full of it. Back in June, the outlet “exclusively” claimed Kardashian had twins on the way via surrogacy. But here the outlet notably mentions a single “unborn child.” If the online publication had real sources, it never would’ve alleged Kardashian was soon adding twins to her family, only to flip-flop months later. The webloid is repeatedly caught in lies like this, making it obvious that it doesn’t actually have inside access to Kardashian’s world.

And while there’s no doubt Kardashian would like to increase her follower count, doing so has nothing to do with Swift. Posting nude photos has nothing to do with Swift. Sharing pictures of her kids has nothing to do with Swift. What Kardashian does or doesn’t do on Instagram is not about some imaginary battle. Of course, if and when the reality star’s follower count surpasses the singer’s, HollywoodLies will be quick to declare Kardashian “won” the social media war. The two women may be on the outs right now, but the bad blog is merely trying to capitalize on their falling out with made-up related stories like this one.

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