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Kim Kardashian's surrogate did not give birth to twins, despite a tabloid report. In fact, the woman isn't even carrying two babies. Gossip Cop can debunk these falsehoods.

"Kim's Double Delivery: Yes, It's Twins," blares a headline in NW, which contends, "The bab-Ye's are here! And rumor has it Kimye have been keeping quiet on some huge news." It's specifically alleged Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate has "secretly given birth — and in a double whammy, it's twins!" Based on supposed "whispers spreading through Hollywood," the gossip magazine claims the babies were "born about a week ago at the Jacobs Medical Center in San Diego."

The outlet goes on to claim, "Now that the news is out, Kim's enjoying being in the baby bubble with the new additions." She's said to be "hibernating with her new son and daughter," whom the publication alleges "have possibly been named Pablo and Cher." Several of these contentions, however, are just transparent guesses. It's previously been reported that the surrogate lives in San Diego, so the tabloid picked a local hospital. And the supposed names quite obviously come from West's last album, The Life Of Pablo, and Kardashian's well-known affection for music icon Cher.

But there is no real "whispers spreading through Hollywood" that Kardashian has secretly welcomed twins. And even if there were, it would not be spreading across the world to an Australian magazine. In any case, the claim the surrogate has given birth to a boy and a girl is an outright lie regardless. NW is just trying to dupe people, but several of its tactics are easily busted.

For example, in order to mislead readers into thinking it has real news about the purported newborns, the cover of this issue features a picture of the reality star cradling babies (see below). But it's only in a photo caption inside the edition that the outlet acknowledges the picture is of Kardashian holding makeup artist Joyce Bonelli's twins when they were born last year.

That's not the only deception. The article is also accompanied by a photo of Kardashian getting on a plane, with the heading, "Taking the bubs home!" But the picture isn't even recent. One tell-tall giveaway: Kardashian's hair has been blonde since September, but the snapshot shows her as a brunette. And in a third distortion, the outlet actually uses a timely photo, of West smiling and giving the peace sign in Malibu earlier this month, but falsely claims he was showing he's "twice as excited about the new bubs."

All of these images are being misrepresented for the publication to provide fake proof that Kardashian's surrogate gave birth to twins. The reason there's no real evidence is because such a thing has not happened, and there's only one baby actually on the way. Do not fall for this clear-as-day tabloid trickery.

Kim Kardashian Twins NW Cover


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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