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Kim Kardashian did give her surrogate "insane demands," despite a sensational claim. One week after baby Chicago was born, a website is misrepresenting what went down and why during the pregnancy. Gossip Cop can bust this misleading report.

As is well known, there are widely-accepted guidelines for what women should or shouldn't eat while expecting. Similarly, doctors and health experts have also given recommendations on activities from which to abstain or limit. Its in accordance with these practices that Kardashian's surrogacy contract contained certain stipulations. But RadarOnline is wrongly making it seem like the reality star inappropriately, unfairly and excessively gave the woman "insanely bizarre demands." That is not the case.

For example, the outlet asserts that "hopefully the surrogate isn't a lover of cheese" because she "agreed to refrain from eating mold-ripened soft cheese." The site doesn't mention, however, that all pregnant women, not just Kardashian's surrogate, are advised against eating soft cheese because of bacteria known as listeria. The publication goes on to claim the gestational carrier was on a "Kardashian-inspired diet" in which deli meats, raw eggs and unpasteurized dairy and juices, among other things, were "also off-limits." But like with the soft cheese, these weren't restrictions Kardashian herself came up with. They're the normal guidelines issued to every pregnant woman.

This is the case throughout the report, with the blog, for instance, wrongly making it seem like it's strange the contract specified which types of fish the woman could consume and in what size portions. All women are urged to avoid certain fish during pregnancy and limit the amounts of others. Along the same lines, Kardashian wasn't being "insane" when it was specified how much caffeine should be permissible.

"Also in the agreement are a strict set of rules pertaining to the surrogate's wellness and beauty regimen," the website further asserts, noting that "the KKW Beauty founder specified that 'hot tubs or saunas' were not allowed." What's "bizarre" about that? Absolutely nothing. All pregnant women are told to avoid immersing themselves in hot water, and they are also discouraged from using anything involving certain chemicals or artificial light, such as tanning beds. That's why the contract also reasonably addressed those subjects.

For additional health purposes, the surrogate was advised to wear a protective mask in nail salons, and told to stay away from ibuprofen. The outlet irrationally deems these to be part of Kardashian's "countless over-the-top requests" when they're actually completely normal practices for anyone who is expecting. In fact, much of these are listed right on the FDA's website. And they're so typical that many people would probably chalk this all up to "common sense."

But RadarOnline wanted to give the false appearance of scandal. And The Inquisitr has already fallen for it, exclaiming in its own headline, "Kim Kardashian's Alleged Bizarre 'List Of Demands' For Her Surrogate Reportedly Leaks." Yet none of these were actually "bizarre requests," contrary to the blog's claim. And while it was reported as far back as September that the surrogate was on a special diet, it's quite clear there was nothing "insane" about it. The only thing that's "insane" is how the outlets are trying to claim Kardashian is making over-the-top demands.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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