A certain webloid repeatedly caught manufacturing stories about Kim Kardashian is claiming to know the reality star's surrogate is "not invited" to her family's annual Christmas party. But Gossip Cop is told no one legitimately connected to Kardashian actually leaked that to this site. At best, the outlet is guessing based on previous comments.

HollywoodLife contends in its story, "Kim Kardashian's welcomed her surrogate into her life. But her Christmas party? That's a different story! We've learned exclusively why she's not getting an invite this year, and we swear it's not mean!" The online publication goes on to allege, "It has nothing to do with the surrogate herself — Kim loves her! — but about stopping their lives from getting too intertwined."

A so-called "Kardashian insider" is quoted as saying, "It's hard, but for the most part Kim's stepping back and trying not to micromanage her surrogate." It isn't clear what a Christmas party would having to do with micromanaging. But this supposed source goes on to assert about Kardashian, "She's not bringing this woman into her inner circle — she's not inviting her to spend Christmas with them. It's too confusing for the kids and to be honest that's just not the nature of this relationship."

That's actually plausible. Last month, Kardashian explained that she didn't invite the surrogate to her baby shower because she thought it would be difficult for her children to understand. She also noted the surrogate had only just met other family members and it was a "weird decision to have to make." So, based on those comments, HollywoodLies, as it's known, has concocted a tale about Kardashian not inviting the surrogate to their Christmas party, either, based on the same reasoning.

But just because something's believable doesn't mean it's authentic. Gossip Cop is told no real "Kardashian insider" shared anything about her surrogate or Christmas plans with this blog. In fact, the plans are still up in the air. Furthermore, HollywoodLies already proved, quite embarrassingly, how out of the loop it is when it ran an "exclusive" about Kardashian and West not finding out their baby's gender. In actuality, the couple already knew at that point that their new arrival will be a girl, and it was already widely reported in the media.

The site also demonstrated this week that it isn't in-the-know by regurgitating a false tabloid story about Kardashian fighting with Kanye West over filming the baby's birth and clashing with the surrogate. If the outlet really had insight into Kardashian's world, it would've known none of those claims were true and never picked up the allegations without fact-checking them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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