Kim Kardashian Stolen Jewelry NOT “Fake” Diamonds, Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Stolen Jewelry Fake

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Stolen Jewelry Fake


Kim Kardashian’s stolen jewelry was NOT fake diamonds, despite a 100 percent fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the made-up story.

“KIM KARDASHIAN DIAMONDS ARE FAKE: NOT WORTH $11 MILLION,” blares the headline of this purported “exclusive.” Along with a photo of Kardashian flashing her diamond ring and grill (see right), supposed “sources” are quoted as saying, “The $4.5 million ring was real but everything was costume jewelry. Like most stars Kim wears fake diamonds. This really is not that unusual. She does have lots of real diamonds but most of them were in her safe in LA. She doesn’t travel with the good stuff.”

Uh, “most stars” do NOT wear “fake diamonds.” In fact, jewelers specifically sell and loan highly-valuable real pieces precisely so celebrities can wear them in public and draw attention to the flashy baubles. Kardashian was in Paris for a number of public appearances, and most certainly had authentic items with her to wear.

Officials have said more than $10 million in jewelry was taken. Kardashian would be in serious trouble if she lied about the value of the stolen items to police. Still, Gossip Cop looked into this “costume jewelry” claim, and we were exclusively told that “anyone saying that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.” That sounds about right.

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