OK! Demands Kim Kardashian Show Saint West’s Face

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OK Kim Kardashian Son Saint Photos

By Shari Weiss |

OK Kim Kardashian Son Saint Photos


OK! is demanding Kim Kardashian show son Saint West’s face in more photos. On Monday, the tabloid posted a story trying to shame the mom of two, but it’s the outlet that should be ashamed.

“Never Seen! Kim Kardashian Shockingly Hides Saint West’s Face Yet Again In A Family Photo,” exclaims the outlet, referring to a picture the reality star shared on Instagram as part of a Father’s Day tribute to Kanye West. In the snapshot, West, Saint and his older sister North West are all pictured from behind (see right). Now OK! writes, “Let us see his face!”

Yes, that is an actual statement from a magazine demanding to see the face of a 6-month-old baby. The piece goes on, “Kim Kardashian has yet to fully show off her second child, Saint West, and concealed him yet again while bragging about Kanye West on Father’s Day,” and later notes, “So far on her social media profile she’s only revealed his face a handful of times.” The story, which naturally is a photo gallery so the OK! website can score extra clicks, ends by asking readers, “What are your thoughts on Kim keeping Saint out of the public eye?”

Newsflash: Kardashian does not HAVE to show Saint’s face. As open and public as she is about almost every other part of her life, she is in no way required to flaunt her infant on social media to please the masses. And, of course, if she WAS sharing lots of photos, she’d then be accused of using her son for self-promotion.

And this issue actually goes beyond Kardashian, as OK! has repeatedly run questionable stories about celebrity children. For instance, another item on the outlet’s homepage states, “Bad Mom? Mila & Ashton Let Daughter Wyatt Indulge In Ice Cream On Family Outing.” It says in the accompanying (ahem) photo gallery, “Mila Kunis might be in a movie called Bad Moms but we hope it doesn’t rub off!”

Bad mom? More like bad outlet. This judgment is coming a tabloid running unsanctioned paparazzi photos of a child. And being a star does not mean it’s open season on said star’s children, whether that’s Kardashian’s son Saint or Kunis’ daughter Wyatt. So while OK! is demanding Kardashian show her baby’s face, Gossip Cop will be here demanding OK! start practicing respectable and responsible journalism about celebrity kids.


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