Kim Kardashian Feels “Snubbed” By Time And Is Upset About Living In Kanye West’s “Shadow,” Says Ridiculous HollywoodLife

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Kim Kardashian Snubbed Time

By Daniel Gates |

Kim Kardashian Snubbed Time


Internet landfill HollywoodLife is still pushing a made-up narrative about how Kim Kardashian is allegedly angry that Kanye West got a Time magazine cover and she did not. Gossip Cop busted this story once. We’ll bust it again. Someone has to hold HollywoodLife accountable for using one fabricated story to support a second.

According to the webloid, Kardashian is upset that, while she and West both made the recent Time “100 Most Influential People” issue, the reality TV star was not given space on the cover like her husband was. HollywoodLife describes her as “riled” about being “snubbed.”

“Kim’s serious about her image and she’ll damned if she ever walks in Kanye’s shadow. She would never let that happen and he’d better understand that,” a made-up “insider” tells the outlet, which argues that Kardashian is “not happy” about how West’s magazine cover has “given him an edge” in some kind of phony publicity war between the spouses.

This is insane. Only in the lie-polluted, feud-obsessed wasteland of HollywoodLife could Kardashian be distraught that her husband wound up on the cover of Time magazine. Is Kardashian really hurting for magazine covers or publicity these days? Is she virtually unknown in West’s “shadow”? The whole thing is ridiculous.

As a Kardashian insider tells Gossip Cop, “She’s proud of [West], and she never expected or asked to be on the cover.” Our source says HollywoodLife’s obsession with saying otherwise is “bizarre and total fantasy.”

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Kim Kardashian is angry that Kanye West got a “Time” magazine cover.


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