Site Claims Kim Kardashian’s Short Haircut Means She’s Getting Divorce

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Kim Kardashian Short Hair Divorce

By Daniel Gates |

Kim Kardashian Short Hair Divorce

(Celeb Dirty Laundry/Instagram)[

Celeb Dirty Laundry claims Kim Kardashian’s new haircut means she’s getting a divorce from Kanye West. On Friday, Kardashian shared a picture of her shorter hair style. She wrote, “I cut my hair short today.” That was it. But Celeb Dirty Laundry decided it actually means way, way more.

Here’s the webloid’s argument: “Kim Kardashian will divorce Kanye West and her recent short haircut provides a major clue to how she feels about her crumbling marriage… Kim lives on vanity, and she had always claimed that her long hair was one of her best assets… But if she’s willing to take such a drastic measure and cut off her hair, then clearly she’s looking to make some big changes in her life. For example, removing the negative influences from her life, the biggest one being her husband, Kanye West by filing for divorce.”

Well, that is a giant bunch of nonsense, and CDL knows it, which is why it then tries to argue that West is so upset about Bruce Jenner transitioning into being a woman, that that’s a reason for a potential divorce. Even though West was perfectly fine with Jenner’s decision, not that CDL is tied in any way to reality.

Here’s what happened. Kim Kardashian got a haircut. Celeb Dirty Laundry wanted to make it sensational. So it decided to spread the lie that she and West are getting close to a divorce. Just like dozens of other CDL stories, this one was written without a clue or evidence or decency. And just like dozens of other Kardashian and West “divorce” reports, there’s no truth to it.


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