Kim Kardashian NOT Writing Self-Help Book About Robbery, Despite Reports

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Kim Kardashian Self Help Book

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Self Help Book

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Kim Kardashian is NOT going to write a self-help book about her robbery, despite reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the stories.

“Kim Kardashian Writing Self-Help Book — Can She Help Fans Fix Their Lives?” reads a headline on the OK! website. According to the accompanying story, Kardashian “thinks she has some helpful tips for the basics of the world, and she’s planning to share it all in a self-help book!” The tabloid asserts, “Kim has spent some time out of the public eye since her frightening robbery at gunpoint, but don’t think that means she doesn’t have her mind on her next coin!”

Citing an article from Heat, OK! alleges Kardashian is “planning to release a book based on her experiences in Paris and since the attack.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Kim has been keeping a diary of everything that happened in Paris and how she’s dealing with the fallout.” Now that “journaling” will supposedly be turned into a product.

“Kim’s decided she wants to write about her entire journey in detail. And when the time is right, she plans to hand it all over — minus certain entries that are too personal — to a ghost writer, so they can write a book based on what she went through,” alleges the purported snitch, which OK! interprets as a “pivot point for her next career direction.”

The Heat tipster goes on “She wants to sell the diary as an autobiographical self-help book, so she can help others who have been the victims of crimes. Kim knows everyone would be clamoring to read the true inside story of what happened, so this way, she can make money all while elevating her image as more than just a reality star.”

“As well as helping her heal, she figures she might as well use this diary as her ticket to the next level — and allow her to move on,” adds the supposed “source.” Naturally, OK! didn’t bother to fact-check these allegations before regurgitating them.

And now the tabloid has spread quite a bit of misinformation. “This is false,” a rep for Kardashian tells Gossip Cop exclusively. There are absolutely no plans for a self-help book inspired by the robbery.

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