Kim Kardashian “Secrets” Stolen In Robbery?

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Kim Kardashian Secrets Stolen

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Secrets Stolen

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Were Kim Kardashian’s “secrets” stolen during her Paris robbery? Not exactly. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s real and what’s rumor.

A headline in the new issue of In Touch blares, “After Terrifying Robbery… Kim’s Secrets Stolen!” It’s said, “Kim Kardashian realizes her nightmare is only just beginning after robbers take off with her cellphones — and the private information on them.” The magazine writes that Kardashian’s “terrifying ordeal isn’t over” because she’s “facing a new threat.”

“The robbers walked away with two of her personal cellphones that, according to multiple sources, contain very important and extremely private text messages, emails, photos and videos that could not only destroy Kim, they could tear apart her family,” claims the tabloid. A so-called “insider” is quoted as telling the publication, “She’s terrified that these robbers are going to expose her darkest secrets.”

Like what? Well, it’s claimed that the “text messages are damning,” with a supposed “friend” alleging Kardashian is “always badmouthing her mom and sisters” in them. Caitlyn Jenner and even husband Kanye West are said to be victims of the reality star’s harsh words, too. “Then there are her intimate photos and videos,” notes the tabloid.

“Kim’s panicking about the graphic photos and sex videos she has on her phone,” claims the alleged pal, with the magazine’s “insider” adding, “Those videos could easily be released on the black market as another Kim sex tape.” And so, Kardashian is said to be worried about the “horrendous fallout should the robbers hack into the phones and leak information.”

Not so fast. First off, only one phone of Kardashian’s was stolen during the robbery, not two. Second, more than two days have gone by and not a single thing has leaked so far. And that’s because despite the cellphone being taken, Kardashian’s camp was able to wipe it remotely.

That means that whatever was on there is not accessible to the robbers, or anyone else for that matter, and there is no danger of anything leaking. Kardashian, of course, knows this, and while she’s understandably still greatly upset about the robbery, she’s not living in fear of any “secrets” being exposed. Gossip Cop already debunked a similar claim from RadarOnline, which falsely said Kardashian was afraid “x-rated content” would leak. Neither rumor was factual, however, and both outlets have horrible track records when it comes to reporting on the star.

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