Kim Kardashian NOT Having Second Baby “To Save Her Marriage” To Kanye West

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Kim Kanye Second Baby

By Daniel Gates |

Kim Kanye Second Baby

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Kim Kardashian is NOT having a second baby to “save her marriage” with Kanye West, despite a report from In Touch, the same outlet that published a phony picture of Kardashian’s wedding dress on its cover and then falsely declared the couple’s marriage over in July. Gossip Cop can bust this latest story from the sloppy tabloid.

According to In Touch, “As their eight-month marriage continues to fall apart and head toward divorce court, Kim is in a panic over the thought of suffering through the humiliation of a third divorce… and has devised a plan to turn everything around: Get pregnant ASAP.”

“Kim doesn’t want to be dragged to court,” an alleged “source” tells the outlet. “Kanye loves [daughter] North so much, she knows her plan to have another baby to keep him from ending their sham of a marriage will work.” (No word yet on how In Touch is trying to stop being a total “sham” of a news weekly.)

Here’s what’s actually happening: Kardashian has been very open about wanting to expand her family with West and have another child. And In Touch has consistently, wrongly alleged that their relationship is over. The magazine is now combining the two stories, trying to make it seem as though only a pregnancy can stave off divorce. In Touch has been saying, literally for YEARS, since they began dating, that Kardashian and West are in trouble. It’s beyond pathetic at this point. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the tabloid’s latest report is “totally wrong.”


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