Kim Kardashian Robbery Video: Suspects Caught On Camera

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Kim Kardashian Robbery Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Robbery Video

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Kim Kardashian’s robbers were possibly caught on camera. Footage of the alleged suspects arriving and then fleeing the scene of the crime emerged on Thursday. See video below.

The soundless, black-and-white footage was captured by closed-circuit television surveillance that was set up on a side street near the No Address Hotel, where Kardashian was staying in a private residence. The video shows three people arriving to the location via bicycle, while two others are on foot a few minutes behind.

They then disappear from the camera’s view. Nearly 50 minutes later, however, the same group is seen leaving, going back in the same direction from which they came. One of the alleged assailants appears to be carrying a bag while riding the bike away.

But due to the distance between the alleged perpetrators and the camera, none of the faces are clearly visible. It’s unclear if investigators plan to use video enhancement tools to get a better look at the possible culprits. French authorities have not named any suspects in the case, and most of the millions in jewelry that was stolen from Kardashian remains missing.

Kardashian herself has yet to publicly comment on the crime, and has stayed off social media since the traumatic incident. Gossip Cop will continue to have updates. See the security video below.


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