Kim Kardashian Robbery: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Kim Kardashian Robbery Fact Fiction

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Robbery Fact Fiction

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Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint less than 24 hours ago, and already unscrupulous outlets are making up stories about the ordeal. Gossip Cop can separate the fact from the fiction.

FICTION: Kim Kardashian “staged” the robbery, according to MediaTakeOut.
FACT: The webloid, with no actual proof, insisted that Kardashian “faked” being held up at gunpoint for “attention.” To back up the bold assertion, MediaFakeOut presented a few different theories. But not a single one of them held up. Not to mention, Kardashian would be in serious legal trouble if she filed a false police report and wasted police resources.

FICTION: North and Saint West were in Paris at the time of the robbery, but Kim Kardashian “conveniently” had them in a different hotel, according to MediaTakeOut.
FACT: This was part of the site’s aforementioned story, as MTO claimed it was evidence that Kardashian planned the robbery as a stunt. But North and Saint were NOT in Paris. They were actually in New York, where Kanye West was based at the time of the incident.

FICTION: Kanye West was “unfazed” by Kim Kardashian’s robbery, according to OK!.
FACT: The tabloid outrageously alleged West was “heartless” and didn’t care about what happened to his wife because he looked “unfazed” when paparazzi took his picture the morning after the crime. In actuality, West looked tired, sad and somber, and he only stepped out because Kardashian was arriving back in New York City after rushing home to the U.S. following the traumatic experience. Far from being “unfazed,” he’s doing everything he can to be there for her, and the magazine had no evidence otherwise.

FICTION: Kim Kardashian is to blame for getting robbed, because she posted about her location and jewelry on social media, according to a People “security expert.”
FACT: This is not a black and white one. The magazine quoted a so-called “expert,” who said of Kardashian, “If you’re constantly putting information out there, keeping your name in the public eye… keeping details of your wealth in the public eye then you are… increasing the chances of a possible attack.” That is essentially saying Kardashian asked for this, much like it’s offensively said women asked to be raped when they wear short skirts. No matter what Kardashian put on social media, that she was in France and wearing diamonds, does not warrant people invading her home and robbing her. There is simply no excuse for it, and Kardashian is not to blame for what happened to her.

The robbery investigation is likely to continue for some time, and Gossip Cop expects the unfortunate situation to lead to more questionable reporting. We’ll continue to show what’s real and what’s rumor as necessary.

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