RadarOnline Takes Credit For Kim Kardashian Robbery Arrests With Fake Video

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Kim Kardashian Robbery RadarOnline

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Robbery RadarOnline

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RadarOnline is trying to take credit for the arrests made in Kim Kardashian’s robbery case. But the disreputable webloid is citing a video already confirmed to be fake.

As Gossip Cop reported, earlier this week more than 15 people were arrested for Kardashian’s Paris robbery, which took place last October. Now the site is boasting, “’s bombshell exclusive video exposing Kim Kardashian’s robbers helped lead French police to uncover more clues, resulting in the Jan. 9 detainment of 16 suspects in the case.” According to the outlet, their footage “was one of the first in a series of revelations that helped crack the case!”

It’s purported that an “explosive copy of alleged security footage of the heist, obtained by Radar, showed one of the culprits as he held a Kardashian associate around the neck.” The webloid, regurgitating allegations it first published in December, now touts, “Radar’s footage was one of the first clues to the possible identity of the thieves.”

But, as we noted at the time, this tape shows a so-called “friend” of Kardashian’s seemingly being choked by one of the alleged perpetrators. The problem? None of Kardashian’s friends were involved in the attack. Police have repeatedly stated that the only victims were Kardashian herself and the concierge. Furthermore, no officials or any reputable publication has confirmed that the site’s video has anything to do with Kardashian’s robbery.

In fact, the star’s own rep told us last month that claims it was footage from the crime were “false.” What’s more is that the French police now exclusively tell Gossip Cop they haven’t even heard of this video. So, in other words, RadarOnline is using a discredited clip to pat itself on the back for the arrests made in the case when, in actuality, the outlet played no role in the investigation whatsoever. It is misleading, disingenuous, and a bit pathetic, particularly since it’s coming from one of the outlets that originally accused Kardashian of staging the robbery as a hoax.

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